Hummingbird Magnet

red honeysuckle flowersNative honeysuckle, Lonicera sempervirens ‘Magnifica.’

My friend who took this image tells me, “Each Spring a male hummingbird parks himself at the top of the trellis supporting this vine, and spends the entire summer fending off all rivals who would dare try to sip from HIS honeysuckle!

For more information about this wonderful plant, see these growing guidelines.

It’s Seed Starting Time!

mexican sunflower seedlings
Our webmaster Chuck Landrey started these Mexican Sunflowers, Tithonia rotundifolia, two weeks ago.  Notice the seed husk still on the leaf tip at left.

With only six weeks until the last frost date here in southern Connecticut, seed-starting is in full swing. If you have any seed-starting questions, just ask! Cheryl most likely has the answer.

By the way, in the post below this, you can see Maia standing in front of, yes, Mexican Sunflowers.

Open Garden Day

Our Open Garden day on June 22nd was a joyous success. Many people toured the gardens while partaking of tasty snacks and herbal tea.  The weather goddess Knut was kind, holding off the rain and thunder until later in the evening. Click any image for a slide show.